Schubert, Catherine O’Hare

Schubert, Catherine O'Hare

Catherine was a pioneer settler (b 23 Apr 1835, Rathfryland, Ireland; d 18 July 1918, Armstrong). She moved to America in 1850 with her family and lived in New York until her marriage in 1856 to Augustus Schubert, a German immigrant. The couple moved west to St Paul, MN, then in 1860 north to Fort Garry, where they ran an inn. Two years later they joined a party of Overlanders trekking west to the goldfields. Catherine, with her 3 young children, was the only woman with the party and she gave birth to a fourth child shortly after her arrival at Kamloops. The couple settled at Lillooet and began farming. When Augustus was absent prospecting for gold, she ran the farm and a local school. They moved to land near Armstrong in 1883. (from B.C. Encyclopedia)