Trotter, Al

Trotter, Al

Al was born in 1922 and lives in Kamloops. He fought in Europe as a pilot where he flew 44 missions before being shot down after a bombing raid on the Opel Car Works in Russelsheim, Germany. He spent 268 days in a prisoner of war. Al endured interrogation, torture and was one of the soldiers involved in the 1,000-mile march from Breslau to Bremen, before finally being freed by Allied forces in 1945. He served the Canadian Armed Forces for 26 years, taking on many duties until he retired as a Lt. Col. in 1970. But his battles weren’t over. Al didn’t know about a pension supplement that had been set up for veteran POWs in 1976. When he did learn about the supplement in 1991, it took 13 years to get money owed him. He credits MP Betty Hinton for her assistance. “Betty has been working awfully hard. I give her a lot of credit.”

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