Small, Henry

Small, Henry

Henry was born on February 29th 1948. At an early age, young Henry picked up the violin and instantly became a child prodigy in his home town, Beacon, New York. In high school, being a violin player and suffering from a height deficiency, he was the victim of cruel bullying, until he discovered his violin case made an excellent weapon. From that day forward, Henry Small had the respect of his classmates. Soon he was the lead singer, writer and arranger for Scrubbaloe Caine formed with Paul Dean (Loverboy) and produced by David Kershenbaum from RCA Records. Small Wonder came next, which brought him a three year writers deal with Irving Almo Music. What followed was more writing, singing and unique violin playing, this time with Burton Cummings. He lives in Kamloops, BC co-hosting a morning radio show. He produces a dinner theatre for Rocky Mountaineer Railtours, which has been enjoyed by over 100,000 international guests. (From website)


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