Singh, Gur

Singh, Gur

Dr Gur Singh is a dedicated member of British Colombia’s medical community. He established the first Neurosurgical Unit in the Interior of B.C., as well as the first Neuro Intensive Care Unit. He served on the Board of British Columbia Medical Association for 15 years. Gur was President of the British Columbia Medical Association from 1991-1992. As president of the Downtown Rotary Club, Gur initiated the smoking awareness program for elementary grades in the Kamloops School District. In 1992, Gur was awarded the Canada 125 Anniversary Commemorative Medal, and in 2002 he was awarded the Queens Jubilee Medal.

Gur has been active in the Kamloops Tennis Association serving as its president. Gur sponsored the men’s doubles Dalin-Singh Tournament, along with Bill Dalin, now in its 20th year.

In 2004, Gur helped raise $17,000 for the Kamloops Brain Injury Association through the First Annual Gur Singh Invitational Golf Tournament. (from Arjun Singh)

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