Kamloops RCMP

Kamloops RCMP

Members of the RCMP come from across Canada to live and work in Kamloops. We know them by their faces and their deeds. Through the years they have coached sports teams, helped stranded travelers, educated kids on safety and drugs, assisted during car, boat and train accidents, disasters, fires and emergencies, come to the aid of hurt and distraught people. Kamloops RCMP have raised more than $500,000 for the bone marrow registry in aid of cancer research.

They give of themselves each and everyday that they come to work and sadly occasionally have given the ultimate sacrificed, their lives, to keep the streets and the citizens of Kamloops safe.

Three Kamloops RCMP died in June, 1962, while investigating reports of an armed gunman. They were (left to right) Const. Elwood Keck, 25; Const. Gordon Pedersen, 25; and Const. Donald Weisgerber, 23.

Our RCMP are remarkable Kamloopsians who are often called upon to do extraordinary things. (from Cpl. Fran Bethell)

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