Chief Louis

Chief Louis

Photo compliments of the Kamloops Museum

Clexlixqen (Louis) was a Secwepemc chief (b 1828, Kamloops; d 12 Apr 1915, Kamloops). He was a guide, trader and farmer and one of the wealthiest members of the Kamloops First Nation of the Secwepemc (Shuswap) people. After becoming chief in 1852 he converted to Catholicism and was active in supporting schools and other church activities on the reserve. He also played a leading role in asserting Secwepemc land claims and in trying to create an alliance among the Interior First Nations to pursue the land issue. He took part in a delegation to Great Britain to see Queen Victoria and in 1909 was a founding member of the Interior Tribes of BC. A painted portrait of Chief Louis hangs in the current Kamloops Chief’s office. (from B.C. Encyclopedia)

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