Fulton. John

Fulton. John

“Moose” was born in 1912, the eldest son of Frederick John Fulton, who arrived in Kamloops in 1889. The elder Fulton was a member of the BC Legislature from 1900 to 1909. his wife was the daughter of A.E.B. Davie of Victoria, a former premier of BC. John Fulton was a native son of Kamloops. On May 29, 1944 the Kamloops Airfield was dedicated by the Governor-General of Canada, Earl of Athlone, in honour of Wing Commander Fulton. Highlights of Fulton’s career included the great “1,000 plane” raids on Cologne, Bremen and the Ruhr and the conquering of the German Baltic Port of Rostock. On the return journey from one raid on the Kiel Naval Base, his Manchester bomber was shot and he was forced to make an emergency landing back in England. Fulton and his Squadron always returned to the Naval Base, without loss. (From website)

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